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Imagine waking up every day on purpose and totally aligned to what lights you up.
Imagine feeling confident with the clarity to share your story and message
while attracting your soul tribe and dream clients effortlessly.

Imagine a mirror being held up for you so you can see your brilliance clearly
reflected back and everything about you
that makes people want to work with you.

Imagine feeling like everything is finally coming together, focused and on fire!
Let me help you fall in love with your business and reclaim your magic back
so that you can share what your mama gave you with soulful ease!


meet tess

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An exciting new opportunity to work 1:1 with me where I take you through my unique process that has given me results in my own business journey. As a result of working together, you will fall in love with your business, feel aligned and reclaim your magic back so you can share your brilliance and show up with ease and confidence while effortlessly attracting your dream tribe and clients.

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This is for you if you have been in business for a while, done the courses, done the work but something is missing, something feels out of alignment, you’re not being heard,  there’s a bit of a disconnect, you can’t find the right words, you’re not attracting the right people, you’re lacking the motivation or you’re feeling called into a completely different direction in your business altogether.

the untamed life triangle

Yep! I’ve been there. Please know, this is not uncommon. Every successful person I know has gone through similar, needed to adjust their sails or shift into a new gear or at some point realised something was missing, key elements that blocked their flow and kept them stuck. It’s only natural when your business is an extension of your ever evolving self!

The key elements I’m talking about is the voice and heartbeat of your brand, 
the stuff that makes you stand out!

It’s usually after one year in business we start to really take notice and realise actually, this is pretty important. It actually takes work and it’s very easy to miss when working on your general marketing plan. If you think of a circle and the marketing is on the outside ring followed by your brand and within that smaller circle is the heartbeat and voice, just waiting to come to life!

This is where I come in. This is my gift to you.

Together, we begin working on the heartbeat and voice of your brand before moving to the outer layers in order to unleash it and make it work for you and your business. Please note,  all elements listed are covered only in the 4-month intensive package – see below for more information and what’s included in each package.

the untamed life

It is my belief that when we are truly grounded and anchored to this, the very essence that makes us UNIQUE, our businesses flourishes with more flow and ease.

That’s when we don’t have to worry about the competition. That’s when we begin to feel confident about sharing our message, with a clear strategy. That’s when we start to attract our dream tribe effortlessly, we wake up motivated to do the work and don’t have to worry about standing out. That’s when we begin to truly shine and thrive with unlimited abundance in our business and life (without forcing it or coming across desperate).

Let me help you extract and unleash the magic, the stuff that makes you irresistible. Let it flow out with ease and allow others to catch on to your magnetic light!

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Over the years working in business and talking to others in the industry, I’ve noticed that we often get stuck (myself included!) when we’re out of alignment with our work or there is a communication block with what we want to say and how we want to share it, In a way that attracts the people we want to serve and work with. Sometimes It’s because we simply can’t find the words to articulate exactly what we want. 

the untamed life triangle

And other times, the struggle comes as a result of not being completely in tune with our brand or connected with our truth which demands more from us than a 5-page business plan or beautifully designed online presence. It requires us to go a bit deeper, under the surface so we can really capture the heartbeat and voice of our brand.


Once you understand your core voice and the heart and soul of your brand, the other stuff becomes a lot easier. For example, the marketing, the selling, the communications strategy, the visual branding. Why? Because you’re connected to and aligned to the voice and heartbeat of your brand, the very essence of what makes you UNIQUE and magnetic to your dream tribe!

{nb: dream tribe may include ideal clients + soul family + network + connections}

When you have this down, you will be an unstoppable force with the confidence and clarity to go out and flaunt it (your way)!

No need to struggle alone, hand in the towel or hide behind the comfort of your computer screen procrastinating to take action while sabotaging your potential for success. A success that is aligned to your truth and deeply rooted to your why. Let me help you get back on track and see this as an exciting opportunity to move forward with grace and reach even greater heights than before!

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Pre – online presence and message clarity check including feedback on up to two platforms. Prior to our call, I will review your online presence and email you with ideas, suggestions and feedback to help you with attracting more of your dream tribe! 
1 x 45-minute jam session. We have the choice to go through your brand story template together to help you gain more clarity around what makes you stand out in the eyes of your dream tribe OR choice to brainstorm a customised communications plan including topic/content ideas for the next 14 days.
Up to 250 words of copy for any content of your choice to be used up how you like within the 14 days. Eg: Long/Short bio, email opt-in, landing page, about page or blog post! Includes research, sourcing of information, stock images, title headings and ideas as required.

Included is unlimited email support + strategy via email  for 14 days from when first payment is made // VIP Client rates for any add-on services that is requested and paid for within 30 days of working together (eg copy, or assistance or additional mentoring and strategy)

Total value $570 AUD // your investment $487 AUD  one off payment or 2 x fortnightly payments of $250 AUD // drop your details below for more information and to apply // places are limited.


To learn more about how you can work with Tess and to apply for the Starter Package,
please enter your details here and Tess will be in touch soon

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Time to go a little deeper.

Each month, over 4 consecutive months we will be working closely together on the heartbeat and voice of your brand, positioning and strategy that will naturally draw your tribe in and get you noticed with a lot less hustle and a lot more soul and ease. Included is mentoring and accountability to help you stay aligned and focused on your vision plus extra bonuses to support you as your business flourishes and takes you to that next level of untamed SUCCESS!

This could be the catalyst that propels you much further than you currently think possible!

During our time together, we uncover some of the most important fundamental elements (refer to process above) that will help you fall back in love with your brand and set your soul and business on fire!

Below is an overview of what we will be covering over the 4 months of working together:

ignite your spark

In the very first month working together, we will start our journey with 1 x 90-minute discovery session where:

You have the opportunity to share with me your long term business vision and goals for the next few months, exploring the elements of your brand’s heartbeat and soul.

Together we dive deep into your brand story where we complete your brand story template together to help you gain more clarity and confidence to share your message and attract your dream tribe or clients.

During this time, we also check in with where you are, where you’re stuck and feeling out of alignment. We ensure your purpose, passion and profit making plan is aligned and on track.

After this session, you will have the rest of the month to work on any homework that is given before moving on to the nitty gritty. Expect to feel a fresh sense of inspiration, like a spark has been ignited!


Okay, so you’re feeling more confident and aligned, It’s now time to go deep. What’s included in month two:

Detailed Pre Online presence + positioning assessment report including message clarity, consistency check and feedback prior to deep dive.

1 x 90 minute deep dive to address your brand message, presence, and positioning from the report.  This includes:
mission, vision, unique strengths, core business, offerings, zone of genius, dream niche, audience and how you are showing up online.

Completed and customisable 30+ page message brand book for you to refer back to and use for all your copy, communication needs and future reference. Edit, add to and modify as your business evolves. Captures the key elements discussed above including mission statement and elevator pitch!

Copy for your PR and social channel needs; short and long bio, About page, Media page, PLUS an additional copy of your choice.


Now that we have established how BRILLIANT you are, It’s time to package it up and share it with the world! Here is what’s included in month 3:

1 x 90-minute business breakthrough session to build momentum with a clear strategy. Here is where we discuss your offers in further detail (as covered from month 2) or ideas for next launch, how you can package it up and share it with the world!

During this session, we discuss your target goals, content ideas and communications plan for the next 30 days including how you can connect with and approach your dream peeps. Afterwards, you will know how to incorporate your point of difference and signature communications style within your messaging and strategy that will make you irresistible to your tribe!

After the call, I will write up your flexible 30-day communications strategy plus you receive your very own flexible communications template for your convenience. Usually sold separately,  a section for theme planning, a section for topics, ideas and content type based on each theme, promotions and events calendar, annual overview, blog editorial calendar, Instagram calendar, and facebook calendar.

This package also includes sales page copy, your next Opt – In landing page copy + email sequence copy (including strategy + ideas) PLUS  1 x blog post OR guest article copy (total 1200 words).


Hey Sista! Our work is not over, just yet. In this last month we have 2 x 40 minute focused check-in calls to ensure:

The spark that was ignited in our first session is sustained and ain’t going nowhere!

You continue to feel confident and aligned to your passion, purpose and profit (P.P.P).

You are achieving your goals and feeling good about it. And you’re on track to reach the next level.

Any questions or new challenges that arise are addressed.

Summary of what you’re getting over the 4 months:
summary points
BONUSES include unlimited support and/or strategy via email during the 4 months // optional in-person meet ups with Tess if local at no extra charge // 5 hours of project assistance and/or customised video tutorials to support you with the tech PLUS VIP client rates for any add-on services eg copy or assistance during the year // other add-ons may include mentoring or strategy  // access to my favourite go-to experts in business and personal resource recommendations at your fingertips throughout the year // all this is available only when you buy the lot.

Total value $5,550 AUD // your investment $3,750 AUD  // 25% deposit to secure your spot // payment plans optional // drop your details below for more information and to apply  //  places are limited.


To learn more about how you can work with Tess and to apply for the 4 Month Intensive Package,
please enter your details here and Tess will be in touch soon